Do you experience
symptoms of
Copper Phobia?

Copper Phobia is an overwhelming and unreasonable fear of copper that poses little real danger, but provokes anxiety and avoidance

85% of all fixed line high-speed internet services in North America are delivered over copper networks.

Aging copper networks are a serious condition that affect customer experience.

Comtest cures copper phobia by innovating the copper elements of your network, making them DATA elements

Comtest Networks has been curing copper phobia since 1997, conditioning 40 million lines globally.

Actual improvement reported by our customers

  • Customer A

    21,500 ft loop,
    mixed gauge


    Improved downstream data rate from 1.1 Mbps to 4.2 Mbps


    Increased noise margin from 12 to 16

  • Customer B

    Unknown loop length


    Improved downstream data rate from 1.9 Mbps to 2.9 Mbps

    Eliminated PPP session drops

  • Customer C

    1709 ft loop


    VDSL2 Attainable downstream data rate increased from 68 Mbps to 79 Mbps

    + 2 dB

    SNR improved by 2 dB

Comtest Networks’
manufacturing advantage

All our solutions are manufactured in-house in North America using high quality components.

Every detail down to the component level is designed by our engineers to maximize the stability of your data network.

Our solutions are built by us in one of our own North America facilities in the USA or Canada, enabling us to offer the best possible service to our customers.

Our facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and TL 9000:2016-H (R6)/R5.5.

Volume manufacturing provides consistent inventory levels and product availability without costly outages.

Local manufacturing allows us to respond quickly to unexpected changes in demand.

90% of carriers in North America have Comtest solutions in their network.

Our partnerships

Partnerships with major DSLAM and chip set vendors have positioned us as the market leader in next generation Line Conditioners and Test Access products.

We work closely with Spirent/Hekimian, Tollgrade, Viavi, Greenlee and other testing providers.